Kyle Grizzard

New Member
Apr 25, 2019
I recently was riding my blaster 200 and the bottom end locked up on me(crank bearing), so I replaced the crank, all the bearings, and seals, and the top end(piston,cylinder, rings). After doing so, I put the motor back into the quad and did the heat cycles for the break in before I put the chain and clutch lever on. When I put them on I realized that the clutch was very spongy and nonexistent. It would go into every gear but it wouldn’t go anywhere so I then took the clutch basket face plate off and aligned the two dots like I was supposed to because they were not aligned. When I put everything back together I went to start it and when I put it in neutral it started rolling. I did a circle and pulled it back into the shop and took everything back apart and checked everything over and couldn’t find anything wrong. Now I have resorted back to splitting the case to see that the gears aren’t staying in place. When you hold then where they are supposed to be everything is fine but if you let go or tilt the engine they slide a few mm off and lock everything up, what’s going on????? I’m so confused and can not find anything on what to do. I’ve heard a few different things but I can’t wrap my mind around it driving in neutral even with the clutch pulled in the quad still moves forward.