blaster engine

  1. tristan prokop

    Need suggestions to fix a oil leak in engine

    Hey, I have a oil leak coming from where the cylinder meets the crankcase. Wondering if I could use some yamabond or JBweld to fix it? It’s a very small crack where the two crankcases meet. Here’s a picture of it, any help would be great!
  2. J

    My Blaster up shifted out of nowhere and bogged down

    So I went to sandlake here in oregon and I was riding and I noticed that it didnt seem like she was putting out all that much power and all the sudden she up shifted and bogged down and died It seemed like i flooded her or something i tried to restart but she didnt want to start after like 5 min...
  3. K


    I recently was riding my blaster 200 and the bottom end locked up on me(crank bearing), so I replaced the crank, all the bearings, and seals, and the top end(piston,cylinder, rings). After doing so, I put the motor back into the quad and did the heat cycles for the break in before I put the...
  4. H

    2001 blaster 200 shooting sparks now piston only sometimes moves

    I have a 2001 blaster 200 that I bored 60 over. Its ran like it had a vacuum leak. But while riding it started shooting sparks out of the exhuast. So I replaced all the seals to get rid of the vacuum leak. Now when you try to crank it over the piston sometimes moves and sometimes doesnt move at...
  5. V

    Blaster 200

    Need help
  6. J

    Carburetor smoking

    Hows it going first time posting took me forever to figure how... took a blaster motor in on trade a few years back so it sat in my garage for a while until I decide to build one so it's a complete frankenquad. Unsure of any years. I finally finished the quad motor makes great compression no...
  7. E

    Be careful buying blasters on craigslist

    i bought a 1997 Blaster for 1100$ It ran fine then the second time I rode it, it went full speed because the carb wasnt jetted right, I was in danger. After that it was rattling and then wouldent start. i left it there for a month till i got a mechanic to put a top end on it. It started then...