yamaha blaster 200

  1. Gottablast2004

    Installed Toomey B1 exhaust now it wont turn on

    I have a 2004 yamaha blaster , ran perfect no issues at all when i had stock exhaust and stock jet in the carb. Has V force reeds aswell (dont know if this makes a difference ) Now that i installed the exhaust system and installed the 310 jet and changed the needle position to the 3rd slot , it...
  2. A

    Want to buy 2006 and 1988 Yamaha Blaster

    Looking to buy: 1988 Yamaha Blaster (Preferably with title) 2006 Yamaha Blaster (All original, mint condition with title) Send me info and pictures of what you have for sale. TIA Picture For Attention Can text me if easier 215-820-1388
  3. J

    Yamaha blaster running bad

    I have a 2001 yamaha blaster, it’s a little difficult to start at first but not to bad, when I ride it in first gear it’s fine until I shift into second gear and give it full throttle it kinda sputters, as if it’s misfiring. It will take off then die down for about a second and keep doing that I...
  4. tristan prokop

    1999 Yamaha blaster won’t start

    I’ve got a 99 blaster that sat for awhile at my buddies house, before it sat it ran perfect and usually started up on the first couple kicks. I took it out to my dads lodge to start it up and we tried for hours to get it to start with no success. It has aftermarket Toomey exhaust pipes, 310...
  5. O

    Need help on blaster engine

    So I bought this 2000 yamaha blaster the guy said they ran it with just straight fuel he said they never seen the oil container under the seat so before so what can it really be or what do I need to fix ?
  6. Blasterjohny

    96 blaster got it yesterday it's bogging

    96 blaster 200 got it home it's bogging and sputtering at full throttle I noticed they put on a cheapo china carburetor no idle set screw on it with a 170 main jet what is a good carburetor to run?
  7. B

    will run great then wont start again after a few

    have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston, boyeson power reeds, stock expansion chamber, aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt, oil injection, aftermarket airfilter no airboxlid, currently running a 250 mainjet, needle clip is set on third in the middle...
  8. B

    Yamaha blaster road legal exhausts In uk ??

    I am really stuck making this Yamaha blaster 2004 road legal it’s almost there need the right exhaust because of emissions can anyone help me out with this ?
  9. B

    New to the blaster!

    can someone recommend a good wet clutch oil to use? Also I’m kind of new to anything with a clutch. The four wheelers Ive had in the past were automatic polaris’s. Do you need to pull the clutch lever when you down shift? Thanks peace!
  10. K


    I recently was riding my blaster 200 and the bottom end locked up on me(crank bearing), so I replaced the crank, all the bearings, and seals, and the top end(piston,cylinder, rings). After doing so, I put the motor back into the quad and did the heat cycles for the break in before I put the...
  11. I

    I think I broke my blaster

    I bought a 1994 blaster from a guy I met online. He told me, that the bike ran, which it did, but it didn’t idle because the air hose wasn’t attached. So I attached the air hose, cleaned the carb, and adjusted the idle screw. After researching, I found out that it could have been the TORS...
  12. Blasther328

    Yamaha blaster 200

    im 6’1 ,180 pounds and 26 years old.. I went to the Yamaha store with my son to get new grips and the guy was talking to my son like it was his hahaha. But it’s mine. It’s my first quad, it fits nice in my opinion and I’m still getting comfortable in power sports and learning. Should I not own a...