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Apr 12, 2007
Hello everyone! The forum has been doing good. We have almost 1000 posts and just under 30 members. This is a rough time for a forum. We are just starting to grow but a little mistake could kill the forum. We need to look more active in all the forums. We have been doing good in some, such as "Engine". I am opening a contest to see who can post the most topics within 1 week. The winner will be the first moderator of Here are some rules:

1.) All topics must relate to the forums posted in.
2.) They cant be repeat posts or copies of other posts.
3.) They must make sense and have some value, meaning they cant be things like "how do you spell your name in spanish?".
4.) You must spread the topics out. Dont post everything in Off Topic.

The winner, after 1 week, will recieve the promotion to moderator of the forums. Good luck. If you have any questions post here!
Oh and by topics, I mean the threads, not replies! And its still ok to post replies to other topics because the posting contest is still on! Good luck.
What privileges does a 'Moderator' have?
I'd be careful with who you assign that to, as that can ruin the board too. lol no kidding.
The contest started when I posted the thread. I will select the winner based on the amount of topics posted but also the quality of them. And just because they are "how to's" doesnt mean they are quality. Questions can also be quality posts. If you have a good question about something then thats good because people search it on google and it leads them to our forum.
Its a different contest. The pipe contest is still on. And BTW we have 32 registered users! :) lol