Toomey b1.

i got one about a month ago i can beat my friends raptor 350 now and he put a lrd pipe and jetted his
i want to know the same thing about the toomey b1 kit, and is ur blaster stock w/ the kit or does it have other stuff on it. I ask this because i would love to beat one this kids raptor 350 and hes always talkin crap about it. thanks.
Back when i had my dg exhaust on and nothing else on my blaster i beat my friends blaster who has a toomey b1 kit. Hes like 20lbs lighter than me and i beat him by 5 lengths. I thought for sure it was him sucking, but when his brother got on it and raced me i still beat it by 3. So im not to impressed with them. I like the way they sound though, lol
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he probably didnt have it jetted. i always thought that the toomey made the most power out of all of the other pipes, or thays what they are advertising. i dont think the lrd was out then because i hear alot of good things about lrd pipes for blaster over toomey
go with a pb pipe, aka phantom or factory 7. they are a right bend pipe which is a must for a 240 kit, and it is only 320
Yeah i ride in sand pits and rock quarries. Sometimes i use my paddles in the pits but it sucks to ride back home on the trails with them.

Well tickle my nuts and call me honey!!

It's all about hook up!

All the power in the world ain't squat if you can't make friction on the ground. God forbid one has to turn, you may need lateral traction, too.

Power to ground man, that's what it's all about. 10 HP tight and right ready to grab and growl will smoke a fully blown 2000 hp dragster on bicycle wheels. It's all a system.

toomey are great dune pipes but if you ride on trails, mx or anything where you cant floor it they suck, thats why i am getting a F7 pipe cus i do a lot of different types of riding and in my own humble opinion the f7 pipe is the best all rounder
why is there so much debate on the right bent pipes when you have a bigbore?
i thought they were just about the same, just the right bend pipe keeps more heat from the motor?