To Clutch Or Not To Clutch? That Is The Question



Do you think you should use the clutch when shifting up gears?


"Obviously you clutch when going down the gear box, And when stopping and going"
well as i said b4 in the other thread, i never clutch, i never have, but i think im going to start to
I agree...CLUTCHIT...besides, it works out your forearm reeeeeeel gooooood
Problems must be what I've got...just broke the cable yesterday, right at the lever...somthing ain't right
welll i went riding the other day and it was like all technical sh*t, but clutching while shifting was so impractical
no its not, its what the clutch is for, other wise you will mess up ur tranny, shifter fork and everything else
in technical sh*t i dont got time to pull int he cluth i jsut slam down in the middle of some insane hillclimbs
Most can grab a little clutch just as fast as jamming a gear...up or down. It relieves the tension/stress on your gearbox and allows the gears to mesh together without first grinding on each other that split second before the complete shift. In all honesty, I don't think you can grind your gears down enough to notice an effect in your lifetime, but it will create tiny metal shards in your tranny that wears on ALL of the components inside including bearings and the clutch itself. I'd highly recommend changing your oil more often if you never use the clutch, and using a drain plug with a magnet in it. You will notice great amounts of metal stuck to it in a shorter amount of time than if you use your clutch.

To each their own...I've had my Blaster for 6 years now and plan to have it another 36 so my kids and kids' kids can ride it. I've split the case once to fix breakage in the crankcase from a blown motor and don't want to have to split it again to replace bearings in the tranny.
hey beauxjangle, how did you do that one wheel wheelie in ur avatar, looks sweet
Thanks man, first get used to ridin wheelies, then used to ridin twos...either left or right, then get on two and......ROMP ON IT! It's pretty sketchy and it wants to slide out to get both rears on the ground real quick. You'll slowly get more comfy with leanin real hard to try and keep just one tire on the ground for as long as possible...even though it's not all that long. Sure feels cool though! Once the other rear hits the ground, keep on with the wheelie through a gear or's sure to impress the ladies