What kind of tickets have you got on your quad, and how much were they. I havent got any yet, hopefully i dont get any either
Tickets? on a quad? Heh if i get caught on the road or somewhere i shouldnt here in MD then its more like "what quad?"
i got one for trying to out run a ranger in a woods on my honda 250ex, but i ended up crashing it becasue my sterring stem snapped when i went over a rock by accident, i got fined bout $350 and i was required to sell my honda. heres a lesson to the idiots dumb enough to try things like me, run like hell! i ahve not gotten a ticket on my blaster had a few encounters with rangers but have not been caught, oh and i'm off the road for a while cuz it hink why do we need the road? we have trails that can lead anywhere.
Alllll legal where I ride.

I payed $90 each on my machines to get them registered and part of the loacl ATV club. So, all our trails and nice and legal. Its a comforting feeling to see rangers or fish and game and have them just give you a friendly wave :)
i just got a tickets..... its fukin $500 fine or 2 months jail