this little b*t**


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Jul 5, 2007
i was in last block today at shool talkin to dis girl who had a honda 300 i didnt kno if it was a ex or not but she said it would go about 70 and i was find wont gonna argue wit her then i said i dont kno how fast mine goes but i beat 700 polaris out of nowhere this boy beside me said no way cause i have a little 200 against a 700 it doesnt paint a good picture but its true and how is he gonna tell me wat i raced and beat then i asked do he has a quad and said yes and said it could beat mine and he said it was a kawasaki 300 hunting atv with racks and sh*t on it i was laughing my ass off and then this boy came and said its not about the size its about the gearin but it has somthin to do wit the size also but not in this case
That 700 must have been fouling a plug when you was "racing" him. Lol You will beat a 300EX an any 300 utility quad.
only 127 i wouldnt want to do over 100 on a blaster u act like that aint fast

and he said somthin about kawasaki make the best atvs
me 2 i said they have the award for the most slowest and unknown of quad

i also said i wish u said at least suzuki but soon as i heard kwa i bust out laughin
these post are getting stupid every time about having arguements with other kids or so about my bike is faster then yours.....who cares!!!!!