Thing i found another contributor to my bogging issue


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Apr 4, 2007
Well only 2 bolts were holding the airbox cover on, and they were both the wrong pitch so they were just threaded in enough to keep the cover from falling off... But i could lift the cover off about half an inch, so it definetly wasnt sealing.

I replaced all 4 bolts with the correct pitch and length so the cover is held down tightly now, im thinking that this will make a nice difference
Its already bogging, i dont think its getting enough fuel to begin with, so if i remove the cover it will get even worse :(
Sounds like you need to adjust your carb if your bogging. Removing the airbox lid makes it run better so keeping it on isnt really helping.
If i remove the airbox lid it allows more air, and if it isnt jetted properly then ill run lean. Thats why i tightened it down, because i dont know what jets are in it and id rather run rich and slow than lean anyday, especially on a 2-stroke where you gotta worry about lubrication as well as heat.

Im not sure on the mods, i just know it has a procircuit exhaust and has been bored. Until i pull the head i wont know exactly how far though.
If you dont rejet it then you will run lean... The airbox has a tiny intake tube that im sure is very restrictive.

However the spark plug was the problem... so once my new clutch cable comes in ill try takin off the lid and see how she runs.
Sounds like your carb slide might be in wrong. unscrew the top of the carb and make sure the grove on the side of the carb is lined up with the peg sticking out in the middle of the carb. You will see what i mean.
wouldnt that cause the throttle to be sticky?? I mean the bike runs perfect now, the plug was over a year old and had been sitting the whole time, was pretty caked up