Taking the axle out of the carrier!


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
This is the biggest PITA ever! I have the sprocket, lock nuts, rotor and hubs off. Basically I just cant get the axle out of the carrier!

do you need to remove those rubber oil seals or should it just slide out of the bearings?

Will a banshee rear caliper bolt directly onto the blaster carrier?

Will an 02 blaster rotor work on a 04 banshee axle?
Hammer the hell out of it, seriously!

Put an old nut on the end of it (or buy a sacraficial nut), place an old socket over the nut, and start hammering. Big hammer, lots of hitting, it'll come, I promise.
Agreed, put a nut over the threads, a socket over that nut, and pound the crap out of it. You'll need a way to brace the machine so it doesn't go flying off whatever you have it standing up on. i had a 2x4 wedged between my swingarm and one of the support beams in the garage.
The carrier was already off the quad. I just stood on the carrier and did the nut/socket trick and it came out with a couple minutes of pounding.

I hope the banshee axle isnt that hard to get out...
be very careful, and make sure that the nut is what you hit... those threads will mushroom easily, i found out the hard way on my old warrior. Luckily i was replacing the axle