I bought a oil block off kit for my 04 blaster and after reading the directions i decided it was a little over my head and i did not have time to do it this week so i took it to the dealership and they told me it would be$70 or maybe a little bit more. I dropped it off yesterday afternoon and they called me at 10:30 today and said it was ready and that it would be $150. They charged me two hours labor but they dont even open until 9am so the most it could have taken them was an hour and a half!! I am going to ask them about that when i pick it up and if they make me pay $150 i will be sure to let thier manager know they have lost my business forever. I have two yamahas so i can just drive 30 minutes and use another dealer. What a joke!!!!

Anyone have any similar stories dealing with dealerships???

wow it take at the most 45min to do the job ,you drain the oil ,remove the cover,remove the pump and gear,put the block off,put the plug ,remove the hose and tank,put a new gasket ,oil and voiala wow thats a ripp off!!!even if they charge you 1hour plus gasket plus oil its supposed to be under 100$unless your stealership work at 80$ an hour!!!go and complain man tell them you wont let this happen again to nobody internet got power!!!
i dont take anything simple to the dealership, i usually have someone who will kome help me for free if its over my head, and my machine work gets done by a friend as well, my local stealership does charge outrageous amounts for parts tho, so ive tought myself to be patient and wait a couple days for my parts to arrive, because and just LOVE me and my wallet just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVES them

my friend is obsessed with the dealer and insists he gets deals all the time, when mostly what he buiys are stock replacement parts and they are all about the same no matter where you go, except ebay, but when it komes to aftermarket they arent handing me a deal until the sell it to me for what they pay for it, not sell it to me after a 15-45% markup
and i forgot they also klaim to price match but when i bring them the prices i kan get elsewhere they either say A.) Im a f-ing liar (yes they swear at me) or they B.) try to make a bullshit story that they kant go that low
i go to this place calle razee and because i know someone who deals with them there pretty cool but one place bobby d's go shut own they were so bad they sold motorcycles with no titles wut dumb ass's

bobby isient rich no more 100$$ an hour and screwed everything up
i do not trust the dealership at all,they rip people off completely. there is only one dealer that i trust though Bayside motorsports, they are honest to every customer and give good deals. if you can't find a honest dealer go to a private mechanic they charge less than the rip off dealers
Dealerships are in business to make money

They charge what they can get. For a design this easy and this old I'd go anywhere but a dealer.

Well i went down and picked it up from the dealer and exchanged words with him. I told him that i would never set foot in his store again if he did not come down on his price and he said that he couldn't because it really took the guy 2 hours. Give me a break!!!! So i told him that i would take my business somewhere else and he didn't seem to care one bit. What a bunch of crooks. If anyone in Central Texas is on here don't use the Killeen Yamaha stealership.

Our Honda,polaris, suzuki dealer is really good in Killleen, no one even goes into the yamaha dealer, I wonder why???
well, yes i know stealerships are in business for money, but i was sayign that that bayside is actually like a race shop
post ads on your local classifieds site like or craigslist. i have found that you can find private guys on there for a fraction of the dealership price. i brough my new three wheeler in and he tore it all apart found out the rings were bad and is going to replace them and throw a dual exhaust on it all for only 120 dollars. i am going to get my old blaster motor all rebuilt and probably shaved ported and polished and he will do all that for like 100 dollars too. by the way that will probably be listed for sale once it is built. but ya private mechanics are the way to go.
COCHISE! what dealership is that!!?? i think i know where you mean!!! i took my banshee there a few years back and it was insane and not too far from tyrone..i bet its same place...
Unlimited Cycle Center in Grazierville, they used to be located in Greenwood right out side of Altoona, they are f*cking crooks and I for one will NEVER go there again for anything, even if im not the one paying for it

I miss Brush Mountain ATV tjose guys were awesome and fixed me up right for a damn good price, i got a whole slipt-case rebuild on my old Quadracer LT250R for $600- both parts and labor included, i admit it took a little longer, but it was very well worth it

One dealership that is kinda pricewy but actually worth it is Cernics Suzuki in Duncansville, PA, they have a nationally recognized AMA raceteam and they are in Kahoots with Suzuki Factory support as well, the shop labor is only like $40 an hour and they are factory trained technicians, their standards are strict and the finished product is warranted for 1-6months depending on what it it is (I.e. Stock replacement parts, or aftermarket)