some ideas?


Mar 26, 2007
i'm gonna race my blaster next summer so i have a whole winter to get her ready for racing mx agianst 300-400s.

i'm going to get some elka's all around, and some janssen a arms since a mechanic i know will sell them for cheap, LSR axle, pro amour tether kill switch, kenda klaws all around,longer steering stem, race cut my fenders.

haven't decided about a swing arm

i need some idea's for some more engine mods
well by looking at ur list it seems like u have everything already lol
mill yoru hear, get some porting and lighten your flywheel, get a kn air filter
go with a K&N airfilter or a UNI, if you can, and still be healthy, lose weight (no im not calling you fat, im just saying, lighter=faster, but dont starve), get ported and polished, depending on how long you've had your vforce reeds, get new ones b4 you start to race, and see if you can lighten your quad up any without doing something stupid to it :p
You need nerfs to. You could probably pull off a 38 tooth rear sprocket it you lighten your flywheel and port it. Get a +2 or +3 swing arm. Remove your headlight. Its required in some places. If your already running 110 then you might not want to mill your head much. Do a rebuild on the top end, so you have a nice fresh one for racing. You could get a bigger carb like 38 or 40. Maybe a front bumper to for looks. And some of those cooling fins from project blaster. I cant think of much else. You already have a hell of a blaster.
Do not get a 38 or 40mm carb that's killing it if you want the best for mx racing use a 34mm airstryker carb
i havent tried holeshots yet but what about the Irazr radial, does anyone have experience with them?
ahhh, i'm gonna have to use my kendas until they lose a alot of thread and then i'm gonna get razrs or holeshots but it depends
well i was going to get some from a kid who used to race a blaster for dirt cheap but, he decided not to sell them so i'm gonna find better a arms, if i got the janssen a arms i would have painted over them

for the tires i'm going to flip my kendas around and see how they do like that if they do really good i will just race with kendas since i like them
i know 2 brothers that race VERY competitively and they swear by the Kenda Klaw MX's, ive watched them run and they hook up 100% helluva lot better than the guys running other tires

plus they get more races out of one set of tires rather than the guys running other types