Smart phone app

When's the next version coming need it for my droid I don't have unlimited Internet so this kills my bill but iPad six on this all I had to do is save it to the homescreen
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Dont count your chickens guys.

If the owner on here makes money off advertising, hes less likely to offer a mobile skin, because it wont/may not display his ads properly.

Personally I installed tapatalk on both of my forums (CelicaTech - Welcome to CelicaTech and U-Moc Forums) and I like the way tapatalk works, since you can put it on android OR on iphone. A mobile theme would also be nice too.

I dont make much if anything off advertising though. Just playing devils advocate. I dont necessarily agree with it, but I understand.
Jus make sure u delete the /imag] out the front an back of the image code an
The http:// part to or it won't work correctly found out the hard way lmao