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  • Sweet, just got back from deployment last week and raced the last race of the Guam Monster Energy Series, placed 2nd overall. Probably gonna end up selling the Blaster cause it is just sitting in my garage
    $400.00 with bushings install, we'll worth it, after my second 1 hr and a half enduro race no issues what's so ever. I weigh about 220 with full gear
    Man I wish you asked me earlier, I gave away a lot of stock parts but I have still new some chain slider front and rear, a new 41 tooth primary rear sprocket. As far as tires me too I'm looking for another set cause I got some 450 rear hubs off eBay for my blaster so I can switch between my 450.
    hey do you have any old aftermarket parts layin around you would sell ? or a thumb throttle? or aftermarket rear tires? i hate baloon tires
    Thanks 89blaster89, LOL I finally got it to where I want it and then my wife gets me a new 450R SE for Christmas!!!
    No damage to the front mounts at all, I am about 190 lbs. and had those nerfs save me a couple times from slipping forward. I recently raced a 45 minute endure on a motorcross/ obstacle/ trail riding course here at our local track and had absoulutley no issue what so ever. Nerfs are awesome and I would recommend to anyone especially for its price!! If you any other questions let me know!!!
    Do the tusk bars hold up well? And is there anyway bolting the nerf bar to the front engine mount cause any damage to engine case from weight??
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