RC cars?



j/w but does anyone have any rc cars or trucks?....i have a nitro sport...just got it
yeah ive had mine for about a week....its fun.....but the fuel is a little expensive...lol
i have a losi nitro stadium truck thats been sitting apart on my workbench for about a year.i think its the xxxnt or something.i took it apart for a thorough cleaning.i couldnt seem to get the carb back together correctly so its just been sitting.ive been spending all my time and money on my streetbike and now i dont wanna put money into it since i need the money to build my quad.
if anyones interested in it,let me know.
p.s it goes about 50 mph id say
The helicopters are cool, as are the planes and boats. I do not have either though. I used to when I was in that stage. My brother has a chopper though, red (converted to blue) and he no longer uses it. Isn't that what happens to all of them though? Yep :)
i used to have 3 until i got rid fo them because i started to get bored with them and i needed $ to replace a part in my blaster.

I got a revo, emaxx, ---boats--Enforcer man o war---heli--hawk sport---

Yeah I love burning nitro....


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Forgot to add my kitty...

Can you tell I love toys, I couldn't manage to bring my blaster into this pic...LOL


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I can't give you an after pic,...It met the telephone pole when I was showing off at my nephews b-day party...LOL...oh it hurts 600.00 down the drain...I did buy an electric one, just haven't had the time to f it up yet...