racing mods??


Oct 17, 2007
okay I am going to start racing next year, and I was wondering what mods I should get.?? here is what I was planning on getting. does this sound good..

UNI filter
reed spacers
oil block off
parking brake block off
tag handle bars
works shocks
LDR pipe/silencer
boysen rad valve
14t front sprocket
38t rear sprocket
holeshot tires
30mm carb
remove T.O.R.S
thats gare scramble, lol but you should get you some tires too, 18's or 20's but if you do get 20's get nerfs or widen ur axle so the tire dont rub the plastic heelguard
good well u got just about eberything now all u need is a bit of practice and maybe you will get somewhere
maybe some handling stuff then. extended a arms, wheel spacers extended axle. It all depends on how much you want to spend. Nerf bars would be a good idea if you dont have them. Porting would be something to do for performance and would really rip with the 30mm. V force3 reeds are probable the best way to go for reeds. Aluminum rims would be good. You may have to buy some number plates and stuff like that if its required where your racing.
oo good point there flyers, didnt think about that, dummy smack, yea definately want to make ur quad wider, maybe an extended swinger too
they are expensive, but are also the most important part of racing. A good handling quad with few mods can beat a poor handling completely moded quad any day.
They can be. They would be cheaper than an axle and a arms though. If your not taking huge jumps then wheel spacers shouldn't be a problem.
someitmes, id be careful when jumping really high things with them, i wouldnt do any more than a 50 foot jump with them unless the landing is really good
oh the track I will be racing on the biggest jump is 80feet.. but you only get 5 feet of air
Oh, well 5 ft isn't to bad. But you will probably be better of spending the extra on axles/a arms rather than braking the spacers...and much more