pumping more power out the blaster


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May 11, 2007
I'm about to pump some more power out my blaster by gettin a MX port an a 35mm carb, then gettin the head shaved to run 110, i'm just wondering how well it will perform with my FMF fatty exhaust
it should run alright myns got a pc header and fmf silencer and been bored and ported and i run myn on 98 octane and it runs great,i would love a inframe drag pipe though,uh if u get any more cash thats what u should invest in....
i was about to make it into a drag bike but then again i don't always wanna go in a straight line so MX it is an that's what i was originally built it for but was going to change it, i think an LRD or PC will work alot better with a MX bike instead of a FMF it won't unleash all the power
LRD or factory7 pipe would be the best, my LRD unleashes hell on anybody i race. FMF and DG have been proven to be the worse pipes out there, sure they make them a little peppy but they suck. if you are thinking about getting a race pipe for mx, beware they are loud! really loud but if you ride on your own property there is no noise level requirement, i ride on private property with permission and the owner does not care about noise levels. i would say go for LRD they sound really good and they got good performance.
Well my FMF is really loud, prob louder then a MX pipe because i gutted my silencer, nothin left in it at all, Lol
ohh yea i went down to the local MX track today man you talk about some HUGE jumps guess i'm gonna have to get use to it, i'm going this weekend any advice on cornering or jumping? lil tips to get me around the track faster??

Thanx for any tips
yes but if ur Fmf wasen't gutted the mx pipes will be loud! well have patience during the race because being careless can get you killed or hurt someone. keep on gaining speed towards a jump just make sure u are not going to land ontop of someone. i'll leave the rest to the others
believe me they will be in your way, when i used to do some racing with my old 250ex, some guy made me flip off a jump because he hit my rear tire when turning
Yea well i will just have to show these 4 poke riders what 2 strokes are all about, i went up an watched some racing at the track today not 1 2 stroke bike at the track they was all 4 strokes so i can't wait to line up with them 4 stroke riders
yeah with your mods you will smoke them, i already smoke 300 and 450 with some mods, damn i gotta get it on video but my friend is so busy in the summertime, he hasn't had a chance on his days off he sleeps almost all day!
Ok what do you do if your in the air and your gonna land on someone? The way I see it all you can do is jump off to lighten the impact on his head.
i've raced a z400 with mods,yfz 450 with some mods, and the polaris predator 500 and beat them i have not tried to race a polaris outlaw yet. has anybody else raced a 450 or 500?
i beat the modded z400 on asphalt 1/8th mile drag an he got a great start an i wheelied but my fast blaster made a comeback