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May 13, 2007
any of you's signed up to project blaster,i was signed up for a while then i just showed them that my bike was for sale so they all bagged it out and said its nothink but stock doesnt worth anything,so i just got of it,this forum here beats the hell outta that crappy forum......i wouldnt recomend that site for anybody......I:I
there is knowledgable people over there. keep in mind you get arses every where, just make sure your not one of them.
i got banned and ui cant figure out why...i didnt say anything mean or hurtfull...
hey man i dont wanan raid ur topic but can any of you guys that are part of project blaster froums even get on them?> cuz it keeps saying sumthing that it wont let me onm it
Yea I got banned too. I never even had an account, but when I go to the forums it says you cannot log in your account is gone, or something like that
yeah the site works but the forums are gone, they were gonna put new colors in them but idk if that would shut the hole forum down...
all forums seem to go sometime or other. I dont know what it is but they do. its really unfortunate but hey we cant control that.
man that really sucks...that was a great forum, i wonder why it got shutdown? bills?