parting blaster



just about the whole bike almost

frame is straight
2.5" extended swing arm
240 big bore kit vforce reeds (want the sell the whole motor)
complete fmf exhaust
hydro rear brakes
warrior front brakes (need spindle and hub on one side)
doubled foot pegs

make me an offer on everything it needs to go and will sell bike as it sits for the right price

also i can get pics of things if your interested just let me know

I want the swing arm what do you want for it and can u post some pics of the exhaust and the foot pegs but I really want the swing arm so plz post a price
sorry i didnt c the part where u said offer I will pay 140 dollars for the swing arm is that fair?
$140 sounds good...let me get pics of it frist...its a stock one that was modifed had a fab shop do it for me...but it looks good and works
ill get some pics posted later tonight or tomorrow afternoon if your still intrested

i dont know $500?
put it this way i really need the whole quad gone everyone just shoot offers i need to pay some stuff off
Master_Blaster make me an offer on the rear brake has the stainless steel lines

B14573r $25 + shipping for the foot pegs?

yes i do take paypal

if someone is thinking about buying the whole thing and doesnt know how to get it home or something i could drop it off or meet for a fee
just a thought
I still want the swing arm can you post like your phone number or something so we can set somehting up?
I was thinking $75.00 + shipping.....but I need to know more and see some pics first,

And is there anything I will need for it.....and how much fabricating will I need to do to mount it and can you send me pics or post them. thanks
my cell number is 848 448 7269 names Paul

ill try and get pics of the entire thing and close ups of the stuff peolpe have asked for asap

Master_Blaster $75 is alittle on the low side i think i paid close to 250 or something for it. the only thing you have to do is cut the stock rear brake cable mount off everything else just bolts on
ok heres those pics...sorry its a bit dirty but as things get sold ill clean them up before i ship or they get picked up (if you like)




ill sell the whole thing for $700 ??
i think thats pretty good....
Motor has maybe 20hours on the top end (big bore kit have stock cylinder still) Complete bottom end rebuild about year ago.
Vforce reeds
FMF exhuast pipe and silencer
Rear hydro brake (was $300 new)

come on i need the space in the garage...lets work out a price and get this thing gone