98 Blaster part out


Apr 22, 2020
I have a non running blaster that has been sitting for over a year now. Wife says it must go!
Located near Kansas City. Prices are negotiable
Trenga Racing extended swing arm +3" $100+shipping
Trenga Racing hydraulic rear brake assembly that works. (Will some with new braided lines and all brackets) $100+shipping
Dura Blue Axle (idk the size but it is wider than stock) $100+shipping
ITP Front Wheels (guessing they are like A-6 current tires on them are 23x7.00-10) $100+shipping
Complete engine that needs top end rebuild (lost compression) $200+shipping
Rear Wheels unknown brand (current tires are 22x11-9) $100+shipping
Trenga Racing +3 A arms $100+shipping
Front Hydraulic Brake conversion $100+shipping
Motion Pro twist throttle $50+shipping
Red Blaster Seat (has small puncture) $100+shipping
I'm sure there are more parts to list so if you need something not listed just ask and I'll grab a picture and price.
Feel Free to DM me for personal contact info. Thanks
20210619_180950_HDR.jpg 20210619_181001_HDR.jpg 20210619_181036_HDR.jpg 20210619_181403_HDR.jpg 20210619_181043.jpg 20210619_181125_HDR.jpg 20210619_181223_HDR.jpg 20210619_181233_HDR.jpg 20210619_181238_HDR.jpg 20210619_181347_HDR.jpg 20210619_180950_HDR.jpg
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My Parents lives over south of KC but make it over there every once in a while, might be interested in some stuff you've got if you could PM me could work something out thanks.
Engine and exhaust sold separately. The rest got purchased by the neighbor kid. Even talked me out if my running stock 98 blaster