Oil Injection Blockoff



I know there are several of you that have done the oil injection blockoff, but numerous more that haven't or don't know how. I personally don't know how to do it yet but I am interested in it as I'm going to start putting more power to it. What I would like is if someone were to volunteer to do a step-by-step instruction on how they did theirs. Without any idea of where to start, it seems like quite an intimidating modification.

So, any volunteers? Thanks in advance!
oil block off

Can you just un plug the oil lines and take the tank out or do you need a kit.
oil block off

do you have to take the pump out.I thought you could just plug the lines
oil block off

when I by the kit will instructions come with it.and wheres the best place to buy one in canada
yes the kit should have "destructions" as i kall them, im sure maybe your local non yamaha shop can get them, a yamaha shop will preach to you up and down about why you should keep it
oil block off

those pics would be great.Also what size jet should I run with a fmf fatty pipe and stock scilencer.and what setting should the needle be on
call FMF tell them your mods and they will tell you the right jetting. Taking someones opinion may or may not work, jetting is a trial and error thing. The best place to start is with the aftermarket supplier of your p/s suggestions.