New to this forum...Got questions on rotor removal



I'm new here and I've read some of the threads...a lot of good info here! I have an '01 blaster that I'm eventually going to pass on to my 13 yr. old boy. I bought it used, took it out a couple times, and now the thing won't start. I'm not getting any spark. I removed the cover to the rotor, but I can't figure out how to remove the rotor. I looked inside the two holes on the rotor and I can see one of the coils looks burned up, so I need to replace it, but first I have to remove the actual rotor...any ideas?

yep. get a flywheel/rotor puller, you can order one from your local yamaha stealership, or ebay it ive seen them on ebay for like 25 shipped.
Thanks. I'll try the electrical tests first, then start buying tools (flywheel puller) if the checks prove I do have a bad coil.