New to Riding:)


Jun 11, 2007
Hi everyone,

Seems like a great community, maybe I can learn something here to get me started with riding. I m thinking of getting some kind of blaster, dirt bike or something like that but know very little about any of them. Any suggestions?
first can you tell us how much you weight,how tall you are and what kind of riding you use it for etc. i am 14 120 pounds and i love my blaster! but if you are like really tall it might be too small, if you re not sure go to a dealership move round on it maybe test drive it if they let you some advantages of a blaster are easy to throw around,light weigh,sharp turning,cheap,and a blast for the buck, and if right mods it can be awkened easy meaning easy to mae them faster.

hope this helps!
You probably wouldn't be a dirt bike rider. Your specs fit a Harley though. :)
What kind of power are you looking for and what kinds of things do you want to be able to do on your ATV? Where are you planning on riding?

Let us know and we can help you!
Welcome to the forums! - Chris
I guess I would want something that I can have fun with around dirt areas, not to big like a Harley, but also be able to ride around town with another cars around.
A Blaster would work. It's a 6-speed so it requires some shifting. A manual is always best for having fun in the dirt. If you get a Blaster, I would recommend getting different rear tires than the OE ones. The OE tires are rounded at the edges, whereas the straight edges work better. Se the 'straight edge' example below:

Cool, so it wouldn't look strange if i ride around town on one of these babys? Also, what are price ranges of blasters?
I don't know how many people ride ATV's around town in your area. None here.
As far as pricing, try a search on Google, eBay, local paper, etc. Do you want it new or used? They're priced pretty low compared to other ATV's.
just so you know a blaster does not have reverse, if you get one te first thing that you should get is a oil block off kit because the oil pump tends to fail and can cause serious damage if you get a older blaster its more likely to fail. just a suggestion, sometimes when i ride on track people with bigger quads always say my blaster will not beable to keep up ith them but, when i race them they cannot keep up with me, the reason why they do that is because either they are jelouse or they underestimate that a blaster may seem small but you ever know whats inside.
if you want some thing cheap and fast, if you want some thing to do tricks on such as wheelies,bicycles, even jumping go for it.
Good point, Dirty. The Blaster has no reverse. I often use my feet and push the front tires backwards -- it's easy. And yes, they're affordable and fast.