New tires


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May 11, 2007
Well my new Maxxis MX razrz came today after i rip it up for about 5 hours on the MX track tomorrow i will get some pics if i still got time. Happy to know i can hook up now, i need to get some footage of my nice roost also an some of me on the MX track, i will try to get pics of me jumping up tomorrow or the next day
It's about time you replace those riding mower wheels! The Razr's will look good, and give you better traction.
Hahaha yea i agree with you, but honestly i feel sorry for whoever get's behind me tomorrow because i got on the powerband a lil bit today an i was throwing a killer roost when i race on the MX track i really get on the powerband hard, hey but them mower tires worked good for the dragstrip they did real well i also used them to trail ride an the good thing was i never got a nail in the tire out of the period of time i had them on there they was pretty tough tires
Yea. Maybe you should hang on to 'em. Who knows, someday you may grab a mower blade and drop 'er down onto the grass. You could mow the lawn at like 80 MPH. :)
Yea that would rock, cut the grass an have fun a the same time, they would this is was a crop circle after i do donuts
my friend has had those tires on his yfz for two years and they look brand new still, they last forever and they hook up great, you'll love them!
Didn't really know what holeshot tire to get so i went with the maxxis MX razrs they hook up great an they lasted him for 2 years? man they must be a good tire, was he always spinning an doing MX with them?
he flat tracked w/ them for like 5 races but other than that just trails, i just got some holeshot gncc's and they hook up real nice and slide easy but there way too soft, i rode w/ them on the road and they got real tore up
I posted my pics on my other thread, yea i notcied these razrs are harder then the other holeshots an that