my 400.00 blaster

I would change them, handle bars an lights an front bumper, there in good shape but it kinda looks wierd, very good buy!
looks great, imma have to put some pics up of my blaster, and if i can get my banshee back from the shop, ill put some pics up of it too..i bought the blaster for 200.00 from a guy who was getting out of riding, and the Banshee from the same guy for 400.00, i put idk how much into blaster, but i put roughly 9600 into my banshee
well thanks for the positive opinion. i got some more things to do to it
I'm a big atv lover also i dump money into my blaster alot but i have kinda stopped for now i'm about to be moving out an that stuff so i'm kinda saving for a down payment on a house or something.