just a suggestion....



i was just thinking and i know im a new member and i dont wanna step on anyones toes but i dont think a photo gallery would be a bad idea and....maybe come color in the background instead of just white...maybe someting flashy that'll get peoples attention......and i know it costs money to put a site on the web....but im sure people on here would help out.....like a supporting member thing......its just a suggestion to try to help the site grow
i just figured i would suggest something to help it grow...but in time
Ya a photo album is the next thing on my list of mods. Your right it does take some money to run this site but it will be worth it. I dont like people donating without getting anything back so I might do a raffle or something where people can buy tickets and be entered into a drawing for a blaster part or something like that. Ill try to get a photo album going soon. BTW this kind of post goes in the feedback forum.

oh im sorry i out it in the wrong place......but say someone like myself wants to help u out with the site...adn say i send u 10-20 buck a year...and say i'll be a supporting member......and i'll get a few more privileges then someone whos not a supporting member.....and for people to know who is and who isnt u could change there name coloer to blue or orange.....or something like that......this way if u get 10 to 20 people....u have more money to add extra things to the site.....and people that prove their selves.....become higher then a supporting member....like not as high as u but can do things like help u out with the site once it grows.......
The best way for you guys to help out right now is to post and bring other members in. If you really wanted to help out money wise, just click any interesting or helpful ads that you see within the posts. The "Sponsored Link" box has links that people pay me to have on here. Everytime someone clicks one it gives me some money. So clicking once or twice per day would help out. But only click ones that you are interested in because clicking for the heck of it is hurting the people that purchase those ads.