just a quick question

Jul 5, 2007
i went out 4 a ride on when i was slowing down i changed in to a too lower gear and it just like skipped out of it and back in to 4th:">

would it of damaged the engine and if so how can i check it it starts and sounds ok but just wanted to make sure
take a look at ur trans fluid window, if u can't see the metal bowl like thing in the trans fluid window u might be due for a change, plz give us more info so we can help you better
You have to start the blaster and let it run for a couple of minutes, then stop it and you'll be able to see the level of oil by the little window. That's what it says in the service manual.

If you don't start it, you won't see nothing thru the window because all the oil is in the bottom of the gearbox.
yeah i know, when after i ran my blaster a little it seemed like the window was empty but it turned out the old transfluid was so sh*tty, i needed to drian it, i'm running motul and in my opinion is the most rleiable transoil i've used