It was raining today so i made a video


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Apr 4, 2007
Yup i was very very bored, so decided to kill some time in my grandparents driveway

EDIT: Updated the video, thought i'd ad in a lil work for the forums... so re-watch until about 10 seconds into the video part
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Yea i didnt want to cut such a good song short so i threw in 20 seconds of pictures in the beginning, then another 10 sec shot of the blaster... Commented how i was bored, and told ppl to sit and listen to the rest of the song while they stared at a picture of my big toy, and if they were still there until the end they got the song title lol (if they didnt already know)
nice vid lol.. i love doin that on wet floors... i always do it in my back yard i wet my floor and skid like crazy
To be honest the first time i came up the driveway, and slid right in front of the camera i thought i was gunna plow right into it... If i hit the front brakes or turned the wheel too far the tires just locked up and i went straight. Though it would have made the video 10 times better if i plowed over the camera at the end.