Is this a good deal?

Ask what kind of motor work needs to be done. other than that it looks hella good to me. Just check it out and see what kind of work needs to be done. If it's gunna cost you the arm and leg it would cost to get one that's fine then I wouldn't go with this. I'm no pro thats just my personal opinion
Get that quad bruh you can always part it out for more or fix it up, banshee motors are easy to work on.
Looks like a good deal dude. BUY IT!. these machines are easy to work on. I wish I had one myself. eventually I would like to buy one myself.
Hell, I could buy it, spend the $1200 fuel to drive there and back and still come out ahead! I:I
I agree, you pretty much never see Banshee's that cheap and even so, there in such demand that you could even part it if it came to be to much work.

If only it was listed near where I live............only....
Yeah man buy the quad. The cheapest shee ive seen around here is 2500 so yeah I think its probly a good deal.