I need to beat a 350 Craptor!



I have a '94 Blaster with a 250 big bore, Hot Rods Stroker Crank and Rod, Uni filter (airbox lid off), Bill's Pipe, Vito's Silencer, 93 octane, and Jetted. The raptor is bone stock, but he weighs 20 lbs less than me at 150. The longest we have dragged is about mid-4th gear. This fall we will drag about three football fields. He beats be by about 5 lengths. Is this too much to ask? I was looking more at gearing, which is stock. How much would a one or two tooth larger front sprocket give me? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
You should be able to take him. When you race what kind of ground are you on pavement, packed dirt, or sand. With all the modifications you've done to your bike I would think you could take him. The best gearing for a supper modified blaster is 14,38. Thats what I've heard anyways. I just put 15,38 on mine but I havn't rode it yet, so we'll see how that works. I bigger front sprocket will definetly give you more speed. One other thing, blasters 1st and 2nd gear are really close together so try leaving the line in 2nd. You'll have to rev her up pretty good but most races are won at the line.
thanks it is going to be a corn field before they harvest it jk lol AFTER and i have pretty much brand new holeshots and his tires are so bald when he goes to pop the clutch for a wheelie they just break loose... will it then be so top-end oriented that second gear will not have enough low end? he will start in second i know... and also will this be too high or low (i cant remember which is which) for trail riding?
you should still be able to trail ride you will just have to get use to the gearing. Going with a bigger front sprocket and/or smaller rear sprocket is high gearing. going with a smaller front sprocket and/or a bigger rear sprocket is low gearing. Try the new gearing by yourself and see what is better, leaving in 1st or 2nd, then race him.
ill bet you would too :) thanks for the high and low stuff, idragged him in the same field with my dads bone stock 350 bruin and he accidentally popped a wheelie and said he scared himself so if i get him intimidated which i will i should beat him this will be fun :) also the clutch is hard to pull (four fingers). the motor is being rebuilt right now so i tried just moving the cable with my fingers and it didnt move at all. people at my local shop said the line could be rusted... how freely should the line move inside the Cable? idk what to call it
It should move really easy. It could have a race basket which is stiff to make sure the clutches don't slip. But I'm sure you would know wheather or not it does.
it does have stiff springs, but its not even hooked up to the clutch right now you know what i mean? i just held the line in one hand and pulled the clutch in with the other and the silver line will NOT move freely inside the black casing or sheilding or we
Correct me if i'm wrong but that raptor should be heavier then you are, as far as you beating him, with them mods you should deff win unless you don't know how to ride.

I beat a piped z400 on asphalt 1/8th mile got him by half a tire with just the mods i have listed.
i KNOW how to ride... i forgot that he is heavier than me. now that i think about it... i WILL win. hey 01 i see ur runnin 14/40. can you tell a big diff between that and stock? also how well do those reeds help? and what do you list your mods and everything in on the profile editor
Yes you can tell a big difference from 13/40 to 14/40 it's like a night an day difference 13/40 is undergeared, the reeds give it a lil more gas an air flow for more power but mainly increases throttle response so it's not sluggish.