hydralic front and rear brake conversion



I have the sad excuse for brakes that is the older style and i really want to convert to the newer and BETTER brake system but i dont no what I will need can someone tell me EVERYTHING i will need to make it work and is i cheap??
The easiest way would to be to just straight out buy the front Caliper/rotor and spindles off an 03+ Blaster and they would just bolt right up.

As for the rear you would need to either buy a GTS conversion kit, that involves a little fabrication or just buy an 03+ rear brake caliper, right foot peg w/brake lever and the rear axle carrier.

Either way you decide to do it, it will run you anywhere's from a couple hundred dollars for each, the front and rear.
hey thx a lot im gunna do the fronts rite away but ill wait on the rears