How To Tell Years?



I purchased my Blaster from a buddy of mine for $100 because it needs a Transmission and some TLC. Is there anyway to tell what year it is by looking at it or looking at some certain features? Would there be a Date of Manufacture (DOM) Tag anywhere? Thanks in advance!
Thanks Ruthless... So most parts will interchange? I did some research and the Blaster was made from 1988-2002 without many, if any major changes. Then in 2003 they put disk brakes up front. So I can use some parts off any Blaster from 1988-2002? I'm going to try to get in touch with my buddy so I can figure out the year of my Blaster. Thanks again!
its in your vin # on the frame (left side underneath the motor) I think it goes 3 letters and then the last 2 numbers of the year ex. jmy0094567j

jmy(00) being its a 2000. not sure exactly what position the 2 numbers will be in though.
I found out that my Blaster is a 1988 or 1989... I was able to get in touch with my buddy but I will check the VIN and see what year it is. Thanks again!