How To Remove/Install Reeds


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May 11, 2007
1) Clean the intake boot an around it to keep from getting dirt in it.

2) remove you carb an set it to the side.

3) unbolt the 4 10mm bolts holding the intake boot an reedcage to the cylinder.

4) Pull the intake boot an reed cage out.

5) Unbolt the 4 screws holding the stock reeds on (there are 2 screws on each side the reedcage)

6) Wipe the reedcage down an make sure there is no dirt on it.

7) lay your new reeds on the reedcage as there were stacked in the package.

8) Make sure they are laying flat against the cage an tighten them down, also be sure they are aligned straight.

9) Once both sides are on install in the same order you taken them off.

Hope my directions are good enough, Lol
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easy enough, guess once its all there in front of my eyes ill be like wow, easy.. thanks bro. its funny cause i have a twin turbo Toyota Supra and i work on that like its my life, then this carb thats like half the fudgin size of ONE of my turbos gives me this mich bullshat!!!
Hahaha, you can touch reeds with your fingers man, maybe that's why mine ran so strong cuz i touched it with my fingers? Lol
mine has 3 screws holding the reeds one side has a hole ordered new ones but got the wrong set tmw im returning them and asking for a new set
alright, last time i had my Vforce reeds put in, i had it done in a shop...this time i was thinking about doing it on my own (imma do it after january probably..), it the same directions as this?

and also, would i need to break it in again? --i dont remember what i did last time, i had my reeds put in a few years thanks, plz get back to me
it's more about throttle response, not power gains. if you want power, take the lid off your airbox and put a book sock over definitely works. i did this to my 99 blaster and my 02 250ex. if you're willing to spend a little moolah, find an aftermarket silencer like fmf powercore 2 or a toomey b1. toomey is better though.
Don't for get to use locktite on the reed cage screws or you will soon find one of them dancing on top of your piston.
Heh i replaced my stock reeds with carbon fiber ones that fit OEM, as far as the do not touch the reeds I agree as skin oil cant be much worse the 2troke haha
ya i did a double No-No, lol i touched my reeds...and forgot the locktite...looks like im going to autozone tomorrow to get some...ive rode it twice without locktite so............. but as far as touching the reeds...i didnt put my fingers all over them but on the edges as i put them in....oh well. if they go out early...its just a lesson learned.