how much would it cost?

dude its a blaster!

i don't know how the hell they did it but i want to do it to my blaster
huh wtf damit alright nvrmnd ok this one is a blaster engine

masterblaster it was from janssen the ones i just posted are from somewhere else
that black water cooled blaster is murphs of project blaster....
The DT200 motor is the same motor as a Blaster but it's water cooled and have another thing i don't remember and it gives some extra hp. I think you can get the head off ebay.
theres someone over here in australia thats got a blaster with the dt200 water cooled head on it,its a mx bike,the bike is about 3secs behind a slighly modded lt-r450 with a decent rider on it.....
yeah mine used to be water cooled too. But i took it off, got bored of it. HA
water cooled would be a good idea if you lived in hot climate...but..where i live...aircooled = good nuff... it would look kinda funny in my opinion to have water cooling head on a blaster.....but still, its a decent idea!