Hey all, Anyone from UK?



Im buyin a 98 blaster next week, Only thing is needs is 2 front tyres and a new back break, for £450, around $800! Cant wait to get it.. Been wanting one for years, Im 17 btw, Hi everyone
Hey I'm not from the UK but that sounds good. Nice deal, What kind of ridin you doin?
No racing, Just riding with friends, we have a massive forest out are back, with no body owns it.. i just found out its a 96, my friend has a stock 2002, i wana be able to smoke his, he aint got a clue about quads just thinks he's fastest thing ever tho, ima buy new exhaust and stuff, what would be the cheapest mods i cud do, that would help the most?
Yea get a pipe, jet, remove airbox lid, more torque-smaller rear tires, higher top speed- bigger rear tires. Someone, if I'm wrong tell me. Have fun in that wonderland.