Mar 26, 2007
i was going to ride today pull it out of my garage give it a kick fires up then stalls i try to restart acts like spark plug is not hooked up. my friend thinks the head gasket is blown anyother ideas? it has gas, key is in on, the plug is hooked up and clean, the wires are hooked up. let me know plz. oh and near the head gasket u can see a little bit of carbon near the gasket.
Get a new plug. It might not be firing right even if it is clean.
Dont a compression test?
Tried fresh gas?
Cleaned the carb?

The more info you give is the better.
yes it has fresh gas, it seems like the kick start is weak you can just push it down it seems to be cranking a little. now we think its the rings on the piston the piston rings have not been changed in ages. i just got a new plug two weeks ago. its a irdium ix br8eix
well, thats all depends. Take the head and jug off, and take a look at the piston. Even if the piston looks ok from the top (just taking the head off) you still may need a new one. Once the jug is off, that is the real tell tale. Look for scratches and excessive wear.

Mine looked PERFECT from the top, but once I took the jug off I found deep scratches and gouges in the piston and rings.
Generally you can get away with just rings if you catch your compression dropping. Being that your quad just gave out you probably need a bore, rings, gasket, and piston. Do a compression check.