got her done!!!!!!!!!!

DId you move the shock mount back a touch to compensate for the slightly longer shock? Mine appears to be up a little higher in the back, but not positive.
How much longer was the chain and break lines you need?
my +4 is just waiting on the shock mount and i wanted to get an idea of what to order
dude he got banned along time ago and his swingers are sh*t from what i hear never seen in person.
Yeah YB200 was banned , his extended swing arms were garbage , poorly made and dangerous . Turns out he wasnt even making them he was having someone else do them and pass them off as his own . Long drawn out batch of bs and drama .
There's a couple legit members that make them on the site , or you can buy one from the swingarm shop on eBay . I had a swingarm shop +4 on my blaster and it was great . Some people say they have had issues with them but IMO they are. Solid built and reliable swinger . I'm going to put one of them on my banshee as well .
there are a few carnage pics of the few that were actually made where the welds popped and fell apart, luckily no one was hurt
why, why, fuggin why
must you dig up threads from this banned jackwagon
i'd luv to see all posts and threads deleted when someone gets banned
as in ...completely erased from the history of this site