Going to post my MX pics


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May 11, 2007
Tomorrow i'm going to post my MX pics i hope they all turned out good, if they did then i should have a bunch of my quad just sitting there, then some of me jumping my quad, then me sitting on it, might have one of me roosting the f*ck out of a banked turn (that's fun), but the pics will be put up tomorrow, oh yea after i got back from the MX track today (good long 6 hours of hardcore roosting an racing) i got tired of my peice of sh*t stock stiff rear shock so i put an aftermarket on the beast, my front sits just a lil higher then my rear is this good for MX? it's low like the rest of the mx quads i see
Honestly not sure, it's not a shock to fit the blaster because i had to add some washers inbetween the bolt holes on the bottom an top but the shock has all the adjustments as a aftermarket shock, will have my pics up in a couple of hours
Well here are some pics, sorry they suck camera doesn't have zoom that's why i'm going to buy another one soon