FREE MONEY for everyone!

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well i just found this webiste where you can make money easily by surfing the web

go to this site when i get enough money then ill mod my blaster!

click here

its those type of webistes where you and the website make money... free sign up and no need to give your credit card number they send the money to you! every $100 i think
and heres exactly how it works

advertisers need to find good websites in which they can advertise so on this website you just register and surf the web and the website tracks which websites you are surfing and displays them to the advertisers so they know at what websites people look at so they can advertise there so they pay you money for just surfing the web like you usually do!

NOTE: it is still under construction but sign up now so you can reffer other people about this (the more people you reffer to the more commision you get!)
LOL! Don't screw yourself with that.

* If you want spyware or any type of malware, then get it.
* If you want to waste your time or your computer's time, do it.
* If you want to tatally F up your PC, do it.

Otherwise, forget ANYTHING CLOSE to that. There's no such thing as free money anyways. Trust me.
Just re-read it. It's not spyware, it's adware.
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Sorry this kind of stuff doesnt fly with me. Its a referral thing so he is just getting money if you sign up. Link removed, thread closed. Sorry
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