Fitting tires to rims???


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Jul 27, 2007
Auburn, New York
I am going to purchase new tires/rims all around on my Blaster and here are the sizes I have chosen,

Front 19x6x10

Rear 18x10x8

My question is when I go to purchase the rims what specific rim size will I have to get, becasue I'm not to familar with tire sizes and measurments so when I see listings for rims I'm lost.

Also I see people list rims with (ex: 3x5 offset) What does that mean??? Any help would be much appreciated or links to what I need.

And a 4x100 bolt pattern is what I need for the Blaster correct???
Yes you need 4/100

As for the offset being 3+5 means on the hub side it's 3 inches deep an the outer side is 5 inches deep, this will widen your blaster 2 inches over all in the rear with them offset rims.

For the rims for the front go 10X5
An for the rear go 8X8

An to explain that the first number is the rim height/size the second number is the width.