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Jul 28, 2007
Deep in the swamps of Louisiana
man that one allmost kicked my ass ! the white/red comming off of the palser coil had a nick in the insulation and was grounding out BEHIND the stator plate put a new wire & resoildered it back to the palser coil kicked it ONE TIME & she came to life again . " A HUGE THANK YOU " has to go out to " roccdeezy " for sticking with me on that one ! I:I
LMAO that sucks ! but listen to this one " read it " lol ! the district attorney lives directlly across the street from my house " he is cool as hell " when I got my first one , I went talk to him & he said let him see what he can do . a week later he called me & said he would knock it down t a NONmoving violation & I had to pay $65 court cost . BUT he said DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN . lol that knight I got my second one
That sucks! LOL.....I got my first one in 01 then i got 2 in 05 and had to go deffered. Now I'm screwed even if i get caught drinking anywhere. The dunes I ride at has a drinking ban and for some reason I still drink