Dont you just HATE it when... (follow up)


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Apr 4, 2007
You get you coat on, helmet, boots, ready to get muddy cus it just rained last night AND ride those trails you just discovered. (which i used google earth, and it looks like those woods will take me right into town, so i was really excited to try them out)

Get the bike filled up, then you do a couple warm up laps up and down you street. Park it, grab your helmet, and pull out of your driveway to hear a Snap as your clutch lever goes limp when you attempt to shift into 2nd gear.

So now i need 2 cables, one for the rear brake and one for the clutch. DAMMIT!.. At least it didnt happen when i was 2 miles into the woods. I think me and this bike will get along just fine.
Happened to me on one of my trails. Rode it back home anyways though. Fortunately the clutch is like the easiest self-repair.
I should have seen it comin tho, it was pretty hard to pull in that clutch... Actually i went out for a ride yesterday on the 636 and thought something was wrong cause the clutch is so easy to pull in compared to the blaster.