May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
Lookin for a dirtbike since the old quad is gone

i kaught the FMX bug after watching the whole season of Krusty's Dirt Demons (bad ass)

Preferably 250, non honda and 2-POKE FOR SURE!!!

Im located in central PA, lookin to spend about 1500 tops
i know where there is a ktm 450 but ill have to check the price
i have a 2 stroke dirtbike..u foul plugs like crazy....unlike a 2stroke quad...but just saying, i recomend a 4stroke dirtbike...so yah, anyway, do you know where Warren is Cochise? cuz there is a guy up there selling a Kawi 200, it is in great shape, he has the engine rebuilt, and stuffz, i think he wants 1700 tho, but you might be able to jew him down, so, im not sure where he has it now, he has been chaining it to poles all diff places in Warren Pa....im only 40 mins from there...i have to go by there every day for work, so, i can check a price, and talk him down for you if you wanna try to buy that one
ok then, ill keep an eye out for you, ill either reply to this or pm you if i find a descent deal for ya, so i hope to be talking to you soon then