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Nov 6, 2007
I didn't want to steal someone else' thread so I started this one. I saw a demo bike at Millville this summer. what do you folks think?

My wife still won't talk to me about buying this bike.
I already have a blaster. It is gettin' a facelift currently.

But come on, a Two-drive bike. Randelator the bike made it through Last Man Standing!!! I have several toys and I am clearly thinkin' of trading in my 05 Crf. Watch the videos. It is a oneway hub that powers the front wheel when there is rear wheel spin! Think of a bike that pulles you through the turns instead of the ass whipping out. Wouldn't you want a AWD/traction control (not 4x4) Blaster if you only had to sacrifice 10 lbs.

I watched the holeshot from MXoN. The Christini rider smashed the line . . . leaning forward!!!!!!!!!!