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What size is the OE chain on a stock Blaster? Mine is a 2000 and I'm looking to replace the chain. When I took it off to service the rear axle we took the chain off and found that most of the O-rings on the chain were cracked and falling apart. I saw on eBay the chain listed as a 520-92 but I hate to rely on eBay for any kind of advice.

Also, what kind of brand-name chain would you recommend? I've seen Renthal and Primary-Drive chains for about $40 but wasn't sure how they would stack up to the stock chain (Yamaha wants $75 for a new chain). I'm not looking to upgrade any if at all from stock as it's going to stay stock until I sell it.

The stock chain is a 520. The 92 is the number of links. I'm not sure on the link count but you can always put the stock chain on and count the links. Everybody knows that o ring chains are better then the one's without o-rings. Regardless of the brand. I would recomend a cheap chain without o-rings if you ride in sand a lot because the sand will just chew the o-rings up and they are expensive to replace all the time. If you ride dirt or mountains then go with the o-ring because they are more efficient.
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Most of the time it's the trails in timber. My first time on the dunes was yesterday and I probably won't be back there till late fall and even then it'll only be one more time this year. Thanks for your input.