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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
I thought it would be a cool idea if someone could/would take the initiative to start making t-shirts. I will look into getting them done locally. It would be a cool thing to include for the premium membership registration.

If its cool with you cbaber. I think it would be a great promotional idea. Or maybe even just stickers/hats to start off with. I know I can get stickers made pretty cheap.
Ya thats a good idea. I was looking into stickers to throw on a Blaster or something. I will look into t-shirts and stickers and if anyone has any info about it please PM me.
OMG man you've been to too porn shops. I have only seen them along the highway titled "XXX" and "AD*LT S*PERSTORE"

How's that? Something I did real quick on paint. I'm sure there are many others here that could do better, I just dont have the proper software to do so.
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