Blaster suspension pieces


May 22, 2007
Tyrone, PA
Lookin for some blaster suspension pieces, after listening to to 01blaster_freak talk it maid me want to build one STRICTLY for drag racing, and slam about the biggest snowmobile enging i kan in it, but i need a rear end
I can get you a drag axle and drag lite swinger. If you're going all out drag I can get you shaws for the front end and spindle mounts. LMK.
this is gonna be budget beast, im not looking to spend alot of money on it, maybe 300-400 tops, i dont care if i get a swing thats cracked, i just need a cheap one, and i dont need the ultralite parts, i kan build a motor to pull a boat anchor in 8 seconds
I still have my old swingarm with the skid plate there is 2 small holes drilled in the side maybe the size of a 10mm bolt some retards before drilled them in there to bolt the master cylinder up, but other then that it's in good shape make an offer