Blaster forum movie.


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May 11, 2007
I was thinkin about putting a movie together for blasterforum an it would be posted on youtube so anyone that wants to help me make this happen let me know what you think an i can give you my email so you can send pics an videos to me of your blaster an they will be added in the movie.
alright u can have my video i have posted on here called burnout and the pics that have for the contest
you can use whatever pics of my quad you find on this forum

this weekend i'll try to make a video of me jumping my blaster
Could everyone send there pics to my email if you don't mind? it would make this WAY easier on me instead of seearching all over the forum for 2 hours for pics. Send them to Thanx as soon as i get eveyones quad that wants to be in the video i will start making, an i was thinkin right before i show the videos i can have it with a title that says owner of the quad an the mods then a pic of you then on with the pics then video?? idk just give me some ideas.
Please everyone send pics an VIDS ASAP i would love to get this video made an give me ideas of some songs, i like that one song remember the name by fort minor great song for riding.

I got the pics man, thanx. My email is
i won't beable to make a video until this weekend.........

when do you want the videos though?
Maybe i will end it monday that should give everyone enough time to send me a few pics or vids of them.
I sent some pics...i gotta go through my vids I think I might have two short ones.
what about droppin plates diturbed, id unno why but that is by far my favorite song for a quading vid. There's a couple more I
ll research tonight that are awesome, are you looking at rock hard stuff, rap, hip hop lets get a consensus on who wants what
ok but it aint runnin now I might have video of some stuff and some Wheelie shots. Oh and I think that when you start there should be Video of the coolest quad on the site and have a level circle all the way around it , like a wraparound of the blaster with the rider on it.