Blaster carb problems


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Jul 5, 2007
I have an 04 and 96 blasters I bought new 30mm carbs from an internet supplier. after much difficulty installing them (getting airbox side of carb shoehorned in.) they both leak like a sive. think floats are not adjusted correctly. these were supposed to be plug and play carbs. whats my next step. return them and put new oem carbs back on the original carbs were leaking when i bought these 4 wheelers. they ran but leaked. or try to adjust them? or what.
I would say try adhusting them before you go shipping them back if you can't get it right then ship it back
Yeah make sure the float isnt set too high !!!

Never heard of Seting a float, they usually stick. so tap on the carb (lightly) with something. if that does not work take it off the quad, unscrew the float bowl and manually move the float so that it gets unstuck.

this should not be an issue of having to send these carbs back.