Anyone with a frame painted??



i have a 2000 blaster and i am wondering what color i should paint the frame if u could give me some pics of other blaster with a frame painted that would be nice thanks
Look in the picture section of this forum. Check out 01Blasterfreaks old blaster, there are several other blasters w/ painted frames in there. what color is your bodywork or what color will it be? I have a project blaster that I will be doing this winter myself red bodywork will probably go with a bright yellow or a royal blue paint on frame, swingarm, nerfbars, a-arms and a few other small parts. I am going to have mine powdercoated, powdercoating is very expesive and very durable. you could have it sprayed for less money though. if you cant afford to have it professionally done you might be able to spraybomb it your self just keep in mind that what ever route you take prep work is the key to along lasting finish. I cannot stress enough that you need to get ALL the grease, loose paint and dirt off of your parts.if you have ANY rust you may want to look at having frame bead blasted or have it chemically stripped,. Good luck and remember you get what you put into in results.
litle effort =crappy results
quality paint and prep work and attention to detail =high quality long lasting show quality paint
Good luck.....Post pics when you finish it.
keep in mind. how the finished product comes out doesnt depend on the paint job and the paint itself.

Its all in the PREPERATION. sanding, priming, sanding again, priming, ect..